About this blog


My name is Alina (though probably you know me since you ended up in this blog). Now I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, but recently I’ve spent five years in Lausanne, Switzerland where I’ve been doing a PhD in Computer Science at EPFL.

I love travelling and in this blog I write about my travels and my life in a foreign country. As you have already noticed, I write in Russian. I do not have plans to make my blog bilingual, but I have some good photos which you can probably have a look at to estimate whether you would like to visit this or that place (or to go on this or that hike, in case you live in Switzerland as well).

That’s why I have made this table of contents — all the posts are in Russian, but in case you are interested, you might want to know where to look for what.


Swiss life

About the university




Small countries

Other Europe

Near East